What is a Session Like?

Before beginning any sessions, your therapist will take relevant medical and personal history. You will be asked to discuss what you hope to gain from the sessions. Then you will typically start the session in your underwear, two-piece swimsuit or sports wear, for your therapist to evaluate your posture and body structure for signs of tension and misalignment. Movement, breathing, and holding patterns are observed. Holding patterns are places in the tissue that reflect a "gluing" of the fascia. This "gluing" interrupts energy flow and range of motion. When muscle groups are glued together, they cease to function with ease and efficiency, and throw your body off balance.

You may elect to take "before and after photos" for a nominal fee. The treatments themselves are performed while you lie or sit draped on a massage table or bench. You'll probably be asked to synchronize your breathing with the therapist's manipulations. You may also be asked to move your arms and legs in certain ways.

During each session, the therapist will concentrate on a different set of muscles and fascia, starting with those nearest the surface and moving on to those deep within the body. To maximize the benefits of treatment, the therapist may also teach you self-help exercises known as "movement integration."

(See Linda's Story for a client's account of her sessions.)

Last Updated: 2017-01-06


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