Temporary Fix or Real Change?

Illness-Wellness Continuum

Do we pop a pill or learn to endure? Sometimes traditional medical and alternative health care approaches provide a temporary fix to a local symptom quickly. (When they focus on the body's weakness, being a remedy targeted for a problematic illness or injury.)

But occasionally a symptom keeps returning or resurfaces in a different way. Why?

Because real change sometimes can only be achieved by addressing the whole system, by changing and integrating all of the overall structural relationships in the body. (This integrative holistic strategy builds on the body's strength's!)

An especially effective proven alternative therapy, called Structural Integration (SI), leverages our own body's natural healing process in just this way. It is a systemic methodology that moves our entire body from an "average" state toward an "optimal" state of health and well-being, which is our body's natural and normal condition. Structural Integration is holistic care with a preventative wellness approach.

Last Updated: 2017-01-06

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